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A joyful Christmas music album consisting of all famous Christmas songs throughout the ages, rearranged in traditional jazz genre, featuring the original Christmas song "Sweet Christmas" by Ronggowisnu and AliceLeonz

AliceLeonz's Sweet Christmas Music Album, is a music collaboration project with musicians from Australia, USA and Indonesia, consisting famous Christmas music throughout the ages and one original song from Ronggowisnu and AliceLeonz "Sweet Christmas"


Featuring :
AliceLeonz : Vocals
Ronggowisnu : Guitars
Dean Wuksta : Drums
Pat Felitti : Piano
Ron Adams : Bass
Tom Nighbor : Saxophone and flute


All songs are arranged and mastered by Ronggowisnu

Originally conceived as a spoof of cinema soundtracks, the story of HoKamLo™ evolved in the rich creative environment of Internet music collaboration. Musician, composer, artist - and now storyteller; Ronggowisnu 's guitar work forms the foundation for twelve stellar Western style fusion Jazz Rock tracks with a distinctive Asian cultural flavor, also featuring his wife Aliceleonz and world talents Mark Bowen, Franco Ginetti, Pat Felitti, Dean Wuksta and Chuck McLaughin.


Genre: Rock: Experimental Rock
Release Date: 2012

Swinging With The Boys is the debut CD from Indonesian-Swedish artist duo Aliceleonz and Björn Pehrson. Alice & Björn write and perform classic swing jazz song with a very traditional sound and very strong song material that brings back the feeling of all the great jazz classics of the 1940ies and 1950ies. The music is characterized by Alice's unique and very strong vocal performance, reminding us of such great artists as Ella Fitzgerald, together with Björn's instinctive feel for classic jazz melodies and harmonies.

All musicians on the CD are hand picked from around the world; Sweden, Indonesia, Argentina, Italy, France and the USA. Alice & Björn have recruited the best musicians in the world, regardless of geographical location.


Genre: Jazz: Retro Swing
Release Date: 2011